Lisa Wanttaja

Reviews for Lace and Shadows

"...sweetly flavored with subtle echoes of the past and strongly erotic images and events. The lead characters are vividly presented and very endearing. ... highly recommended for lovers of historical romance as well as erotica."
Alegria, Coffee Time Romance, March 2005

"A captivating tale, LACE AND SHADOWS is full of both intrigue and romance, and not to be missed." Jennifer Bishop, Romance Review Today, March 2005

Lace and Shadows

Gone away young, but never gone. Love never known, but passion strong.

Jessamyn Radcliffe, a headstrong Southern belle, has waited more than a century for the true love foretold to her on the day she died. Now the house she haunts has been sold to handsome history professor Bret Tyler. One look at Bret, and Jessamyn is certain he's the man she's waited for all these years.

But Bret has bought rundown Bonnie Doon plantation for his fiancée, Carla Stewart. How can the man of Jessamyn's prophecy be promised to another? She makes up her mind to win Bret for herself.

Practical Carla can't sense Jessamyn, but soon realizes that another entity dwells at Bonnie Doon, a presence that causes her to discover a previously unknown sensual side to her nature. Though she refuses to believe in ghosts, Carla fears Bret has become obsessed with Bonnie Doon's former occupant and might give up his life to be with her. To save him, Carla must find the reason for Jessamyn's haunting, a mystery tied to a fortune in Civil War gold

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